Our body care, massage and spa products are handcrafted by Dalila using the highest quality organic ingredients. Our ingredients have no petroleum or harsh detergents, synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrances or colours and are cruelty free. These products are ideal for everyday use and on sensitive skin. Dalila is also able to tailor these products to your individual needs in conjunction with your treatment or for a gift.

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Hawaiian Kahuna & Lomi Lomi
Flowing Continuous Massage

A flowing massage that uses continuous touch to harmonize energy flow in the body and provide mind and heart connection to Mother Earth.

Egyptian Goddess Isis Tantra Kundalini Massage
The Goddess of All Massages

The goddess of all massages. Deeply relaxing, exotic & healing. A mystical formula of pure oils & massage, gently activates the Kundalini Tantric energy.  Channelled formulas of exquisite exotic essential oils are applied based on the ancient scriptures from Egyptian Temple of Isis & Osirius.

Traditional Balinese
Relaxing Back Massage
Soft and Deep Tissue Massage

Soft & deep tissue with a variety of hand techniques & acupressure to release pain & unblock meridian channels.

Relaxing Massage
Gentle Massage With Essential Oils

This style is suitable for someone who needs a gentle massage with lymphatic drainage.

Ayurveda Oil Soft or Deep Massage

Ayurveda oils are used with either soft or deep tissue techniques to suit your body type & your emotional needs.

Latin Bath
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Relaxing Herbal Massage

Relaxing massage followed by a filtered water spa massage with a Latin inspired herbal formula for you to enjoy.